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MaxiSYS MS908 Pro

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12 Months Updates for your existing MaxiSYS MS908Pro

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The Maxisys MS908 Pro updates provide your enhanced programming capabilities not available on the standard MS908. Note, that these updates are only for the MS908Pro and used in conjunction with the J2534 supplied with the MS908Pro product.

Keeping your diagnostic tool up to date is important to ensure that you are getting the best software coverage.


Vehicle Coverage

3.80View Coverage
2.70View Coverage
1.01View Coverage
3.00View Coverage
4.11View Coverage
Abarth6.00View Coverage
Acura4.20View Coverage
Alfa Romeo6.00View Coverage
Audi9.40View Coverage
Bentley9.40View Coverage
BMW9.80View Coverage
Bugatti9.40View Coverage
Chrysler7.51View Coverage
Citroen5.20View Coverage
Dacia3.80View Coverage
Daewoo1.20View Coverage
Daihatsu1.41View Coverage
Dodge7.51View Coverage
Ferrari2.21View Coverage
Fiat6.00View Coverage
Ford (EU)7.10View Coverage
Ford (US)7.10View Coverage
GM10.10View Coverage
Honda4.20View Coverage
Hyundai6.61View Coverage
Hyundai CV1.23View Coverage
Infiniti5.31View Coverage
Isuzu3.31View Coverage
Jaguar5.01View Coverage
Jeep7.51View Coverage
KIA6.61View Coverage
Land Rover5.01View Coverage
Lanica6.00View Coverage
Lexus4.40View Coverage
Mahindra1.02View Coverage
Maserati2.01View Coverage
Maybach9.01View Coverage
Mazda7.10View Coverage
Mercedes Sprinter5.20View Coverage
Mercedes-Benz9.01View Coverage
Mini9.80View Coverage
Mitsubishi5.20View Coverage
Nissan5.31View Coverage
OBDII2.01View Coverage
Opel5.20View Coverage
Perodua1.32View Coverage
Peugeot5.20View Coverage
Porsche6.50View Coverage
Proton1.32View Coverage
Renault3.80View Coverage
Rolls-Royce9.80View Coverage
SAAB2.80View Coverage
Scion4.40View Coverage
SEAT9.40View Coverage
Skoda9.40View Coverage
SMART2.40View Coverage
SsangYong1.30View Coverage
Subaru3.10View Coverage
Suzuki2.30View Coverage
Tata1.23View Coverage
Toyota4.40View Coverage
Vauxhall5.20View Coverage
Volkswagen9.40View Coverage
Volkswagen CV9.40View Coverage
Volvo8.00View Coverage

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